Acrylic abstract artist, Rosemary Craig's Oracle


Oracle is one of a series of paintings I did during one of our very dreary, Iowa winters titled simply Light. That winter seemed to drag on forever (although it seems they always do in the Midwest). Unfortunately I had allowed my dreary mood to keep me from the studio and I wasn’t painting as much as I should have been. This of course, fed my dreary mood as painting for a painter is nearly as important as breathing.   

The day that I forced myself into the studio to paint is the day this series was born. All I felt moved to paint was darkness. That is the first layer or underpainting here. But simply putting paint to the canvas began to bring me out of my own darkness. 

It was as though my own personal sun began to shine and the additional white layers were added, breaking the darkness and spreading light. This series of paintings acted as an Oracle for me, telling me how simple the answer to my true happiness is. To simply paint. 

                                                                                                                                                                               Rosemary Craig 

Acrylic on canvas

24 x 12 inches

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Acrylic abstract artist, Rosemary Craig's Oracle