Acrylic abstract artist, Rosemary Craig's triptych, Circumnavigate


My abstract work is inspired by impressionist studies of things of the natural world. Circumnavigate was born of study of waves crashing into a rocky shore, titled Tenacious, and is part of my series of the same name.

I love studying water. It can literally take millions of forms, from gentle swirls to destructive tsunamis and so many more.

As I worked on the study Tenacious, what most moved me was the way water seems to have a mind of its own. It will make its way no matter the obstacle. In the case of Tenacious, when the rocky shore gets in its way, it simply changes form and continues on its path over and through the rocks. But there are other options for overcoming obstacles.

This lesson from the natural world is demonstrated to us in so many ways with water and many other of earth’s elements. The seeming determination to make its way. We as human individuals may need to change our approach, or perhaps alter the path, but we must continue to advance. If we don’t we run the risk of becoming stagnant or simply evaporating.

The lesson from the natural world here is to find a way. If need be, alter the path, change direction, avoid the obstacle.  Circumnavigate and find a way.

                                                                                                                                                                               Rosemary Craig 

Acrylic triptych on canvas
Panel 1 - 18 x 18 inches, Panel 2 - 18 x 36 inches

     Panel 3 - 18 x 18 inches

36 x 54 total inches
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Acrylic abstract artist, Rosemary Craig's triptych, Circumnavigate