Acrylic abstract artist, Rosemary Craig's triptych, A Moment in Time

a moment in time

My abstract work is inspired by impressionist studies of things of the natural world. A Moment in Time was born of a very simple study of grass, titled Quiescent.

I’ve always been a flower gardener and taken a great deal of pride in my gardens. However one thing that’s always baffled me was the fact that my garden always looked so much better right after my husband mowed the grass. So I began to take more notice of grass and its simple beauty. I’ve done several studies and paintings of grass. I love all the colors, the way it moves with the wind and the secret world it conceals in its depths. 

As I worked on the study Quiescent, I was moved by the fact that even though new grass is fresh, beautiful and vibrant, without the older and even spent blades, the new grass wouldn’t be as healthy and would visually lack depth and richness. 

A Moment in Time tells the full story of our human journey, from birth and youth, to middle age and finally our end. It goes by so quickly… almost in an instant. We don’t even notice how quickly until we’re reaching the middle and sometimes nearing the end of it. 

One of the lessons nature teaches us with grass and all living things is this: While our youth is fresh and beautiful and full of hope, the richness, wisdom and memories we gain during the course of our lives is what is most valuable. Every new generation is enriched and instructed by the earlier ones. This is an important and beautiful responsibility. It should not be taken lightly by those who are older or disrespected by those who are younger.

                                                                                                                                                                              Rosemary Craig

Acrylic triptych on canvas
Each panel - 15 x 30 inches

30 x 75 total inches
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Acrylic abstract artist, Rosemary Craig's triptych, A Moment in Time