Acrylic abstract artist, Rosemary Craig's Our Veils #1

our veils #1

My abstract work is inspired by impressionist studies of things of the natural world. Our Veils #1 was born of a study of fast moving water over a bed of rocks, titled Intimation.

I love studying water. It can literally take millions of forms, from gentle swirls to destructive tsunamis and so many more. 

While working on the study Intimation, it occurred to me that even though it was just a little, shallow stream, it could camouflage or even hide everything beneath it. I was struck by how we as humans so often attempt to hide, or “veil” who we really are, depending on who we are with at any given time.

Our Veils #1 was the third in my series Our Veils. The underpainting is representative of the very steady, level original. It’s “veil” is representative of what the original wants to be and sometimes tries to pretend to be – somewhat wild, ever changing and adventurous. 

                                                                                                                                                                               Rosemary Craig 

Acrylic on canvas

60 x 48 inches

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Acrylic abstract artist, Rosemary Craig's Our Veils #1